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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your delivery times?

a. 2-3 weeks for standard products (if goods in stock)

b. 4 weeks for stand products (if not in stock)

c. 6-8 weeks for custom-made and shopfitting projects

d. In exceptional cases (for example, for pure sales items from other manufacturers such as seating), the delivery time can be 8-10 weeks


2. What are your terms of payment?

a. Payment 20 days net on receipt of invoice: within 8 days 2% discount

b. Domestic from € 1,500.00 Total amount: AZ of 50% before start of production

c. Domestic from € 15,000.00 Total:

i. AZ of 50% before start of production

ii. AZ of 35% before delivery of the goods

iii. Rest after delivery

d. Abroad, prepayment is generally valid

Beginning of production and start of delivery until payment has been received by concept-s!


3. How are your shipping costs calculated?

a. The shipping costs depend on the respective volume and weight of your order and will be charged additionally. At a delivery address, we assume a normal truck approach. If this is not the case, you must inform us in writing of any special features in the delivery (e.g. pedestrian zone, lift required, times, etc.). If additional costs are incurred during delivery due to incomplete information, we will have to charge them to you.

b. In the online shop, the shipping costs are calculated from the shopping cart value and the destination of the desired goods.


4. How are the goods packed?

The goods are either packed in cardboard packaging or in a wooden box. For larger deliveries such as tables, counters or even complete shop fittings, we use sturdy wooden boxes to protect the goods, which must be disposed of by the customer.


5. What does the term "ex works" in the order confirmation mean?

 In the order confirmation is on the subject of shipping always the calendar week and then "ex works". This is the time when the goods will leave our warehouse and not always when the goods will arrive at the customer. For shipments outside Germany, the shipping times may be several days or weeks.