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[concept-s] SHOP DESIGN: Optik Graeser in Quedlinburg

The world cultural heritage town of Quedlinburg is located on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains. Quedlinburg has been a World Heritage Site since 1994 and makes the city one of the largest area monuments in Germany. About 24000 inhabitants are spread over seven opticians' shops. One of them belongs to Judit Tasche, who has courageously invested in her 60 square metres of retail space.

"At opti 2019, various shop fitters were visited, ideas and impressions were collected and, above all, processed. The ideas that one has in one's head on the one hand, and the offer on the other, have to be agreed. It is all the better when you hold a shop book in your hands instead of a pure catalogue and when you leaf through it, there are equipped shops where you immediately know that you feel good", 
Judit Tasche describes the first contact with the shop fitting specialists from concept-s in Schorndorf. The last comprehensive modernisation took place in 1990. Long before that, on August 15, 1872, Herrmann Graeser, who gave the company its name, founded the lens grinding shop and music store Optik Graeser in Quedlinburg. 

Autor: Theo Mahr [Chefredakteur] DER AUGENOPTIKER | Ausgabe 04-2020

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