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Digitisation of POS: Interactive retail solutions from [concept-s]

concept-s presents the next generation of interactive displays and shop concepts which provide an optimum presentation of merchandise with full product information and control by touch screens.

In times of high competition and growing online trading, we offer the perfect solution for an effective synthesis of local shops and Information increasingly available virtually.

For more information please contact us by calling 07181/99371-0 or e-mail to info@concept-s-design.com!


One platform - many advantages

By choosing one of our interactive presentation modules you do not only invest into futuristic sales systems,
but open up even more possible savings on several levels:

  • Your customers have the opportunity to inform themselves completely and to get additional advice if necessary.
    The result is an optimal customer service with well-directed use of sales staff.

  • Due to the minimized consulting effort you can concentrate on other main tasks such as procurement, contact
    to suppliers and partners, etc… Also here, cost savings and optimization possibilities are hidden.

  • Fast & easy content management: Products and information can be quickly and easily entered centrally via a
    content management system and transferred to the individual touch screens.

  • Customers can obtain information via the shop window 24 h / 7 days a week - or ask to be contacted.
    In this way, the retailer always remains in dialogue with the customer!

  • A potential connection to your merchandise management system could also simplify your ordering system
    and reorder products automatically.


It's all about your product!!
ELEVENDER is a display and storage system in one with electronically control and it keeps the
goods therein in a constant circulation according to a paternoster elevator principle.

The continuous presentation results in a doubled display area and therefore replaces the storage space.
Due to the constant movement, all models are shown. Also this compensates the accompanying effect that
goods being stored in drawers are not sold easily.


Your guiding light to the right product!
LIGHT UP helps the customer interactively finding the right product according to there own specific
requirements via touch screens.

Once a selection is made, the software controls the integrated lighting in the shelves. At the end of the selection process,
only those shelves with the products that meet the customer's requirements are lit up! LIGHT UP is not limited to
one user only, thanks to different light colours several customers can use it at the same time.


Displaying your product with [e]motion!
MOVE sets your presentation in motion. Shelves for glasses and other quality accessories move continuously
around two axes, and thus creates a real eye-catcher either available as table or window option!

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