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Counter display AC-6 Counter display AC-6
For 6 spectacles, made of acrylic glass, polarwhite and transparent. 245 x 550 x 235 mm
€85.00 *
Standing show case STELA Standing show case STELA
With acrylic glass cover, transparent, intermediate bottom made of acrylic glass, polarwhite. Corpus made of acrylic glass, glossy, bicoloured, available in 2 heights. Optional with LED illumination. STELA 1: 320 x 1014 x 320 mm STELA 2:...
From €329.00 *
Tischspiegel Shape für Augenoptiker Mirror SHAPE
Table mirror, inclination adjustable, made of stainless steel, brushed. 155 x 410 x 155 mm
€109.00 *
Made of speed frame, silver-coloured anodized, pedestals made of steel, silver-coloured coated.. Rotatable acrylic glass panels (transparent, centred laminated with satined foil) fitted with single rods, open or lockable. 1260 x 1983 x...
From €1,602.00 *
Display stand  PGM 4/72 Display stand PGM 4/72
With castors, carrier section made of silver-coloured anodized aluminium, pedestal made of steel, silver-coloured coated. Pedestal cover, cover mask and signboard available in glossy white or glossy black. Middle panel in polarwhite....
From €851.00 *
Display PPR Display PPR
With castors, rotatable, polypropylene foil, white translucent,anodized aluminiium, steel pedestal with acrylic glass cover, with single rods, lockable, with lateral mirror. 2 or 4 x TC 18 H, lockable 610 x 1950 x 645 mm
From €935.00 *
Rechargeable batteriesn AAA for TUBIX CIRCO ELB Rechargeable batteriesn AAA for TUBIX CIRCO ELB
For single rods TUBIX CIRCO ELB (4 pieces, 1.2 V, 800 mAh).
€13.60 *
Rechargeable batteries AA for Mini TUBIX ELB Rechargeable batteries AA for Mini TUBIX ELB
4 pieces, 1.2 V, 2100 mAh
€13.40 *
ALUOTI S ECOBLACK Styling chair adjustable in height ALUOTI S ECOBLACK Styling chair adjustable in...
black artificial leather. with hydraulic pump, lockable. Star base and armrests made of polished aluminum. Cover made of black synthetic leather. 570 x 980 x 450 mm Seat height 460 - 600 mm
€701.10 * €779.00 *
Wall mirror, S -L Wall mirror, S -L
WALL MIRROR, frame-less wall mirror, wall mounting, made of brass or black powdercoated steel, available in 3 sizes Ø 300 mm, Gewicht:1000g H: 450 L: 300 B: 15 mm WALL MIRROR M Ø 500 mm, Gewicht: 3300g H: 685 L:500 B:18 mm WALL MIRROR L...
From €78.90 *
Wandpaneele mit LINEAR LED Wandpaneele mit LINEAR LED
Set bestehend aus: Paneele aus Acrylglas, weiß matt, bestückt mit LINEAR System und 7 LINEAR LED Ablagen sowie einem Spiegel. MOSAIC Unterkonstruktion inklusive.* Kapazität für 24 Brillen. Einzelmaß: 695 x 2095 mm
€1,174.40 * €1,468.00 *
Wall display 20/14 H LED Wall display 20/14 H LED
A clear and orderly presentation of contact lenses and care products is an important task in order to fully demonstrate your expertise and to generate additional sales. With these innovative modules, you create the best conditions for a...
€1,181.50 * €2,363.00 *
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